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Travel while taking your photography skills to the next level

The focus of our photography services are photography tours and workshops in Bali. For photography lovers who are just starting or deepening their skill and the travelers who love to explore Bali, Photo Tour Bali is what you are looking for. With our expert mentor, we will guarantee that you will get professional and the best practices. During the tour, you will get the best things to build your photography experience in Bali. We also rent our photography equipment that can support your photo tour needs. Take all the benefits of our photography tours and workshops!
1:2 Mentor Ratio
We maintain our tours with only 5-10 people, and have a minimum of 2 instructors so you get the one-on-one attention you need for maximum learning.
Supportive Community
What makes our Bali photography workshop unique is the community of like-minded people in the world of photography and traveling. A community that is ready to support you every step of the way in sharing information, tips, and tricks.
Practical Learning
Don't just read the theory and sit at your computer desk. We take you to the field and show you how to capture the right angle and scenario. We assist you step by step to create great memories in Bali.
The Best Photo Destinations
Bali is a photography paradise, offering spectacular views, people, architecture, exotic wildlife, flora, and fauna. Bali presents a tremendous challenge for creative photographers who like to keep memories in a frame. Bali offers a wide range of assets in all its beauty for photography and videography.
Mentored by Experts
Our workshop consists of experienced and certified experts in the field of photography. They will share their full knowledge, giving lessons on the ins and outs of the right equipment to use, the perfect setup, professional composition tips, and the process of editing photos from raw to stunning.
Local Interaction
In our photography workshop in bali, participants will not just take a photography tour, we share domestic insights and travel experiences. Through our workshop, you can easily connect with our community and like-minded people to build relationships.

Complete Photography Equipment Rental

To complete your photography workshop program, our service also provides rental of various equipment. We offer multible photography and videography tools such as cameras, lenses, flash, tripods, phone cleaners, and others. We are able to provide a solutions for each of our customers.
Our photography service also offers camera rental. We provide a variety of Digital SLR Cameras (DSLR) from various brands such as Canon, Nikon, and other types.
Also we offer camera lenses to fulfill your creativity in the world of photography. You can find all kind of lenses if pre discussed with us.
Flash lights are also available. To reserve one please contact us in advance.
If you need a tripod for our workshop we are happy to assist you for the rental. You can choose the type that suits your gear.
Camera Bag
Need a bag to carry all your gear?
Both rental and buy a bag is possible to be prepared for the workshop.

Let's level up the world of photography and explore Bali together!

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